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In business since 2006, Sky Air Travel is a premier travel agency with three divisions; DMC solutions, corporate travel solutions, and B2B solutions. We started as a small travel agency which has now flourished with its new branches locally and abroad. 

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Our Mission

“Inspiring people to explore the world, help them gain knowledge, widening their horizon, and becoming a part of their adventure.”
That is not something we have framed on a wall. It is what each one of our team believes in and lives and breathes every day.

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Our Goals

We started as a small travel agency and became a leading travel agency in Iraq. Our goal is to lead the travel industry regionally and internationally. 

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A Brief Introduction

Our Global & Local Partners

We're Partners with major local and global brands to better serve our customers
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Our Services

Our Latest Services & Solutions
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Flight Tickets

Providing travellers with flight ticket bookings for any place they wish to visit worldwide.

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Hotel Booking

Booking in more than 250,000 hotels from all types and categories all around the world for the lowest prices available. 

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Holiday Packages

Offering packages to all around the world, with the best available prices, and highest quality of services.

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Holiday Extra

Arranging packages, tickets, tours to all kinds of activities that are held around the world (sports, concerts, festivals, etc.)

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Organizing and arranging travel documents and assisting people to obtain the visa that they need. 

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Car Rental

Providing assistance with rental car services to provide vehicles throught the travels of our customers.

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Handling the logistics of transfers throughout all the destinations that our customers choose to travel to worldwide.

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Obtaining every type of travel insurance in the shortest period of time and for the best available price.

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Client Testimonials

Amazing prices, very good guidance team and every one get their satisfaction by travelling with you.

Zabang Awat

Thanks for being not too expensive and thanks for huge offers

Arivan Fathula

With Sky Air, you can travel to any destination in the world

Star Aziz

Vacation package sites enable customers to book some combination of flights, hotels, and rental cars together as part of a single trip itinerary

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