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Since the founding of the company in Sulaimaniya 2006, Sky Air has become the leading supplier of ticketing and holiday packages not only for the general customer but also for the rest of the travel agencies in the area, with its head office in Sulaimaniya and cooperative companies across the rest of Iraq.

Sky Air has always aimed to be the sole leader in the travel business and this goal has been achieved via brand name recognition, a solid base with loyal customers, professional and competent staff, global cooperation, and high standards of service.
Management Directory:
•  Rozhgar Akram Faraj, CEO
•  Rawa Akram Faraj, General Manager
•  Safeen Saadon Younis, International Relations Representative
Industry Information:
The travel and aviation business has shown a rapid growth since 2003 until the present day and from that time a number of huge airlines have entered into Iraq’s aviation business which has created the opportunity for Iraqi citizens to travel aboard to unlimited destinations. Also, this growth has opened the Iraqi market to the rest of the world and so the level of foreign investment and interest in Iraq has increased at a steady rate. Sky Air has always aimed to be on the same track of growth in the country and aims to expand business on a global basis.


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